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Monday, November 15, 2010

The Viscount Who loved me - Julia Quinn

The Viscount Who Loved Me (Bridgertons, #2)Title: The Viscount Who Loved Me
Author: Julia Quinn
Pages: 376 pages
Publisher: Avon

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Meet Katherine Sheffield in short Kate. A Strong woman who live with her Step Mother and sister after her father died last five years ago. She loves her family so much and they love her back. Even though they are not blood related they treated each other as one. Kate is an over protective sister to her younger sister Edwina who just debuted and became famous and suddenly have a tons of suitors after her. Kate would have considered the other suitors for her sister but not the rumored womanizer/playboy- Viscount Anthony Bridgerton. Anyone but him.

Viscount Anthony - Who decided to pursue Edwina and ask her hand to marry. Had a hard time when Edwina's older sister Kate appeared in the picture. And decided to stop him from his every plan.

Well Imagine what happen next.

When i picked this book in my near book store. I didn't know that there is another books. I was annoyed knowing that I picked the wrong book. I should have picked the first book of this and this after. But oh well. It's done. And im done reading this when I realized my mistake.

This story is not so good nor bad. The story isn't that appealing to me to the point where I get excited. Nor it isn't that boring. Though I have to admit. I skipped some pages (>.<).

I don't like how Kate thinks of herself every time she is compared to her little sister who is prettier than her. How everyone thinks of her. But I love it that she remained strong and confident of herself despite what everyone thinks of her. Yes. Edwina might be prettier or more beautiful than her. But she is far more smarter and sensible in someways. And she loves Edwina and Edwina loves her back. And nothing can break that bond they have. And Mary. I love how she remained and balanced her love to her daughters. You wouldn't think that she is just a stepmother here.

Anthony is............................................well i really cant say anything about him except that....well a liar is someways,

Over all. I think 3 is enough.

Kay-c <3


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