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And Yes. You read it. You're not blind. Its totally there... "Deranged"~ but we are not literally Deranged~ the one who made the title is...well...A bit~! *looks around* Im safe...for now~

Anyways let me introduced myself as one of the Contributor of this blog.

I'm Kay-c.
The youngest of the three contributor >.> the two are....well...you'll know~
I love listening to music - Who doesn't! unless your from outer space or alien
I love to discover things - Who doesn't! unless you meant a discoverer because i don't want to be like that...though it'd be cool to see your name in the history~!
I love to read books~ - and that's the reason why we decided to make this blog

My favorite color is purple and peach...
by the way...why do I sound like im introducing in class? and not in the blog?

well whatever. I'm simply typing what my mind tells me to :3

My favorite book will be....umhhm...
Graceling, and the Gone Series. Seriously? I'd love action pack books with a bit mix of romance~
its kinda exciting

I started reading book since I was in my first year in highschool. My classmate introduced me to horror book. The after that I started collecting the other book made by the author (which I forgot). And then I decided to read historical books and Young adult books. The cover though sometimes deceives me. But just like any other reader out there. I want a good book. I really hate finding a book so boring. I shove it away immediately and switch to a better or look for a better book. I easily get bored and that is why I look for a book that I'm sure will entertain me.

My Favorite author would be...Michael Grant - Why? Read his Gone Series books~
You'll know why! His a genius!
And Paolo Coelho - I love some of his story. I've learn through his stories. And His stories have lessons. For Example: The Alchemist. - Though I personally don't love it. But after reading it. You'll know what he wants to tell to his readers. "Pursue you dreams. And someday. You'll be there"- well at least that's what it told me!

Anyways....Yep! that's me!! You'll find more about me later~

You can email me at kay_c16@hotmail.com ;)




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