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Review Policy

If you are an author or a publisher and would like us to review your book, conduct interviews, host giveaways, blog tour or anything that would help promotion, please feel free to shoot us an e-mail at: deranged.booklovers@ymail.com. We are more than glad and willing to help authors promote their books. ^_^

*We accept ARC's and finished copies in printed form or in e-book formats (preferably .epub or .pdf) since we are international bloggers, though physical copies will be very, very much appreciated.

What We Read/Review:

~Kay-c mostly reads/reviews Young Adults, Dystopia, Adventure, fantasy or action.

~Lynossa reads/reviews MG/YA/Adult of Mystery, Drama, Philosophy, Thriller, Fantasy, Contemporary and Classic novels.

~Mithee mostly reads/reviews Young Adult, Chick Lit, and bit of Adult Paranormal Romance.

*We cannot guarantee to review all books given to us unless we specifically requested for the titles. Nonetheless, we will try to read and review books before or shortly after their release date.

How We Review:

*The Deranged Book Lovers will provide honest reviews, may it be positive or negative, and will be published on the blog.

TDBL On E-Piracy And ARC's

The Deranged Book Lovers respect ARC's and do not support e-piracy. 

*E-copies sent to an individual blog member's e-mail will not be shared to the other members of the blog. As such, e-copies sent to The Deranged Book Lovers' e-mail (deranged.booklovers@ymail.com) will be distributed to the three members of this blog, namely Kay-c, Lynossa, and Mithee. And only to the three of us.

*ARCs in our possession will never be subjected to any form of activity in which ARC's are exchanged with money for personal use.

Contact Us

  -  The Deranged Book Lovers 
  Twitter / E-mail: deranged.booklovers@ymail.com

  -  Kay-c:
  Twitter / Goodreads / E-mail: kay_c16@hotmail.com

  -  Mithee:
  Twitter / Goodreads / E-mail: somithee@gmail.com

  -  Lynossa:
   Twitter / Goodreads / E-mail: Lynossa@yahoo.com



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