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The Deranged Book Lovers was founded in November 15, 2010. It started off with Mithee and Kay-c talking about a particular book review, which then led to talking about starting up a blog where we can post our book reviews. Mithee came up with "unique" (read: insane, crazy) blog titles. If you think our current blog title is crazy, how about "The Teal Werepenguins," "Orange Felines," "The Reading Evil Monkey Ninjas of Doom" and "The Confessions of Lame Book Bloggers"? Until finally, Mithee came up with an almost better blog title. Almost. A name that can be considered: The Deranged Book Lovers. Well? It's better compared to the previous ones, right? I doubt you can blame us for being choosing the deranged one instead. We really are not deranged though. Maybe...just a bit. Seriously...we're not. :D
The three of us are forum moderators in a well-known website. That said, you may find us a bit strict sometimes. :D

If you'd like to know more about us. You can go and read our intro's
- Kay-c
- Lynossa
- Mithee

Or might as well contact us if you want :D

  -  The Deranged Book Lovers 
  Twitter / E-mail: deranged.booklovers@ymail.com

  -  Kay-c:
  Twitter / Goodreads / E-mail: kay_c17@yahoo.com

  -  Mithee:
  Twitter / Goodreads / E-mail: somithee@gmail.com

  -  Lynossa:
  Twitter / Goodreads / E-mail: Lynossa@yahoo.com



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