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Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Girl who Kicked the Hornet's Nest by Stieg Larsson

Author: Stieg Larsson

Publisher: Maclehose Press by Quercus (UK).

Rate: 4 stars.

This is the last part of the phenomenal Millenium Trilogy. For those who don’t want to be spoiled, I suggest you to read the first and second books first. I have the reviews in here and here.

Salander opened her eyes when she heard a scraping sound. It was as though someone was dragging something along the corridor. For a moment there was only silence, and she wondered if she were imagining things. Then she heard the same sound again, moving away. Her uneasiness grew.
Zalachenko was out there somewhere.

The Book begun right from the end of the second book where Lisbeth was lying on hospital bed with bullet in her brain following her first encounter with her evil father after so many years. Facing a possibility of being charged for murder attempt and locked in mental facility for the rest of her life, she must do something to prove her innocence; but with his father located in the same floor, can she even come out from the hospital alive?
Meanwhile Blomkvist out there doesn't stay idle. He persuaded his sister to be Lisbeth lawyer and actively approaches everyone who believes Lisbeth is innocent and deserves to be treated like normal citizen and to tackle The Section, the evil government agency that locked Lisbeth in mental facility when she was 12 year-old. Unlike most of US crime and conspiracy stories where government and security institution considered as demi-god and uses super-awesome jaw-dropping technology, Millenium series surprisingly very realistic and trust-able.
I consider this book as the best among three. We see huge development in Lisbeth character, how she finally able to accept people and trust them to help her. other characters also been given bigger roles than the first two books. One of the things I dislike it Figuerola presence in this book. [rant]Personally I think she has no use except to be the newest Blomkvist love interest; her role (outside completely head over heels with Blomkvist) can be easily filled by male. Perhaps Larsson didn't think Lisbeth-Blomkvist will work out anyway and there's no way Berger would left her husband for Blomkvist so he create another one. But surely it doesn't have to be a super hot and sexy secret agent. I mean you can't get more cliché than that [end of rant].There are other things that for me doesn't have to be exist in this book because those have no significant meaning to the main story, but perhaps Larsson had other ideas in his mind. I guess we'll never know :sob:




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