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Friday, January 21, 2011

Crime Fiction Alphabet 2011: B for Bourne

B is for Jason Bourne. This is not a detective series, but falls into espionage series, even though Jason Bourne is actually not a spy but a special undercover agent, sort of. This series consist of many books but I will only preview the books that were written by the original author, Robert Ludlum.

The Bourne Identity

The Bourne Identity is the first book of this series. I don't normally like movie-cover book, but I love Matt Damon so I quite enjoy this cover. In this book, a nameless guy without memory was found drifting in open sea and saved by a fishermen boat. The brought him to a doctor where he finally manage to recover his health, but not his identity. Thus begun the search for his past.
The clue lead to Switzerland where he found out his name, Jason Bourne. But he also discover other things about himself, his capability in surviving and his uncanny skills in self-defense. This made him feeling unsure about who he was. With the help of a woman he kidnapped, he tried to unrevealed the mystery even though FBI and Carlos the Jackal were searching for him, wanting to see him dead.

The Bourne Supremacy

In the second book, The Bourne Supremacy, Jason Bourne is back on killing in Asia. But this wasn't the Bourne we know, there was other Bourne, a mercenary who use Bourne's name to gain popularity and fear. The real Jason Bourne was tricked into believe that someone was kidnapping his wife as revenge for the killing he didn't commit. So he must traveled to China and beat the impersonator, and showed them his supremacy.
The Bourne Ultimatum

Bourne is old, so does Carlos the Jackal. But Carlos wanted to kill him and prove to the world that he's the best mercenary ever. He hunted Bourne everywhere using his underground channel. Bourne cannot hide anymore, he must face Carlos and settle the matter once and for all. Who will be defeated and who'll survive as the winner in their final confrontation.

Personally I really like this series, I like the movie but they made it some sort of another Bond while it was different with the books. Bourne in the book was more humane, and his love toward Marie was what keeps him going on without destroying himself. The Cold War background adds more to the story. I enjoyed watching this series but I enjoyed reading it more.




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