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Monday, January 10, 2011

Freefall (Tunnels #3) by Roderick Gordon & Brian Williams

Title: Freefall (Tunnels #3)

Author: Roderick Gordon & Brian Williams

Publisher: The Chicken House

Rating: 3 and a half stars

There were four wooden benches in a row against the side of the tunnel. Resembling something one might find in a butcher's shop, they were sturdily built, their legs and tops made of thick pieces of timber. This impression was further enhanced by the fact that they were bloodstained and covered with what seemed to be scraps of old, dried meat, in some places several centimetres deep.

This is the third part of Tunnels series. If you haven't read it and don't want to be spoiled, stop reading right now. You can find the first book, Tunnels, review in here and the second book, Deeper, review in here.

Descend even deeper than ever, Will, Chester, and Elliot land on the Pore, the place equal (if not more) dangerous as the interior. Spider-monkey and Bright are roaming around looking for victims. Luckily they stumbled upon Martha, a soloist renegade who lives in the Pore and take them to her save haven. But after awhile, they starting to wonder about Martha's mental condition and going restless. But will Martha let them go? And what about the twins? Without Will and Chester knowing, they also landed on the Pore and now looking for a way out of the Pore so they could finish their evil plan to kill all Topsoil and take over the world.

This is my favorite among three books in Tunnels series I've read. Why? Finally I see character development! Not immediately as half part of the book still pretty much similar to the previous books (in term character development) and I even get frustrated with Will's naivety. But then as the story goes and he sees and experienced a lot more, Will finally grew up from that little boy who just wanting to be reunited with his father. Other characters such as Chester also changed a bit - not as much as Will though, and Elliot - my favorite character - spent half of the book lying unconsciously only to return with a bang, literary. That is so Elliot. Almost similar with the first and second book, there are some parts where I feel bored. But I didn't stop reading and things get pretty excited and intense again with a cliffhanger ending that makes you wanting for more.



Aleetha said...

Yeah you're right. I think I have to buy the first book and read it. I have no idea why I keep postpone it. we'll be right back here if I have done. I hope this month I can bring it home


Btw, is it the end of the series?

Lynossa (Deranged Book Lovers) said...

I hope you'll enjoy it ~

Nope, the fourth book is Closer. I haven't read it, planning to buy it sometimes next month but we'll see :D

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