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Monday, January 31, 2011

Leaving Paradise - Simone Elkeles

Title: Leaving Paradise
Series: #1
Author: Simone Elkeles
Publisher: Flux
Pages: Paperback, 303 pages
Rating: 4 Excellent go buy it!

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Nothing has been the same since Caleb Becker left a party drunk, got behind the wheel, and hit Maggie Armstrong. Even after months of painful physical therapy, Maggie walks with a limp. Her social life is nil and a scholarship to study abroad—her chance to escape everyone and their pitying stares—has been canceled.
After a year in juvenile jail, Caleb’s free . . . if freedom means endless nagging from a transition coach and the prying eyes of the entire town. Coming home should feel good, but his family and ex-girlfriend seem like strangers.
Caleb and Maggie are outsiders, pigeon-holed as "criminal" and "freak." Then the truth emerges about what really happened the night of the accident and, once again, everything changes. It’s a bleak and tortuous journey for Caleb and Maggie, yet they end up finding comfort and strength from a surprising source: each other.


Leaving paradise is about Maggie And Caleb who shared the same fate.

Caleb the one who hit and run Maggie Armstrong as he drive while being drunk was imprisoned for a year while Maggie suffered from tibial plateau fracture and is now under therapy in order for her to walk better again. After a year of accident the two faces the world as Caleb is finally sent out from prison while doing the community service and Maggie doing her monthly therapy.

The accident changes their lives as Maggie instantly became a freak and a loner as her friends left her and doesn’t treat her friends anymore. And Caleb’s family became a stranger to him. They don’t look at him the same way and being constantly nervous whenever his around.

I bought this book because Simone Elkeles is the author seeing as how I love her Perfect chemistry made me think that maybe this story will stock in me too. And it did. Ms. Simone indeed made a story where you can feel the character’s emotions and making you stay up night just to finish the story. Plus she wrote with the two characters point of view really will inform you how the two thinks.

Though I think that Caleb falling for Maggie in ‘this book’ is a bit rushed and I was left gaping. I won’t give any detail as to why but you reading it may be able to find why I said it.

The ending was…a bit disappointing. There is a twist in the story that you think there is hope about Caleb’s life (which is true) but still he decided to do it and that made not only Maggie but his family sad despite of everything.




Diana said...

this sounds like such a great read! i loved perfect chemistry and ive been wanting to read more from Simone :) thanks for sharing your thoughts!!


Elodie said...

Thanks for your review !! This one is my pile and I definitely should reat it ... hopefully SOON !!

Kai Agito said...

I loved this book! Though not as much as the Perfect Chemistry series. I agree with what you said though, I was disappointed with how the events turned out too, but I think it'll be resolved in the second book (which I haven't read yet).

Thanks for the wonderful review!

jen7waters said...

I have been hearing so many good things about this author, I'm still waiting for my copy of Perfect Chemistry to arrive from Book Depository, but now I want to read this one too, althought I got a bit anxious about the ending disappointing you!

Vivien said...

I really enjoyed this novel as well. And I agree with your take on the ending. It just left me wanting....

jeanette8042 said...

Interesting review, but sad that the ending is a bit disappointing. I'll still give it a try since I hear her books are awesome.

SiNn said...

hum interesting not sure how i missed this author before now but after reading your review and the summary i may have to check this out ty for posting

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