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Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday's Rants

Rant number 1. This is might be a sensitive issue, but I've seen people sell ARCs on the net. I personally think it's disrespectful. Publisher gave you ARCs as an exchange for honest review, not for you to gain personal profit. You get to read the book before other people for free! What can be more fun than that for us book lovers? Yet you still trying to gain profit from it. Swap it with other ARCs or put it as giveaway prize are much better than selling it.

Rant number 2. Sometimes I post my review on Goodreads and Amazon, and though I know that my reviews aren't perfect - lots of grammatical errors - it still annoyed me when I saw someone commenting this on one of my review: I'm going to assume that the reviewer's first language is not English. That being said - I found it difficult to think of this as a review rather than a poorly written and thought out commentary. Now, if the person who comment is an excellent reviewer who wrote detailed and comprehensive reviews, I would humbly bow down to her. But when I check her reviews, I can't help but feeling irritated. Her reviews only consist of 2-3 sentences stating she likes the book and that's it. Mam, if you want to speak bad about others please look at yourself first. As I browse to her reviews, it seems to me the reason she comment that way (beside of course my grammatical errors) was because I gave 2 stars for the book and she wanted to make my review unreliable by pointing out my errors. Whether that is true or not, I would never know.

So, I wonder what do you think about these issues? Do you agree or disagree with those who sell ARCs? Do you think grammatical errors on a review mean the review isn't reliable? I know it's harder to understand, but would you ditch a review simply because of the grammatical errors?



Theresa said...

Selling ARCs is totally unacceptable. This should never happen, and anyone who truly loves reading wouldn't disrespect the author or publisher this way.

As far as the grammatical errors, I would never discredit a review just because of these type errors. As long as I get the feeling that the reviewer has spoken their honest opinion, then I see that review as informative and worthy. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, and a few grammatical errors doesn't make that opinion any different. :)

Lynossa (Deranged Book Lovers) said...

@Theresa, Yes I think people who call themselves book lovers shouldn't see ARCs. I cringe whenever I saw ARCs on ebay.
I got to say I felt a bit sad after reading that comment but your words made me feel better. Thanks ^^

Celine said...

I think selling ARC's is horribly disrespectful, and completely unacceptable as reviewer and book lover.

And, as my first language actually isn't English, I don't think grammatical mistakes matter that much. I think it's more important that your review is pleasant to read, that you use appropriate punctuation and capitalisation, and don't make too many obvious spelling mistakes. Other than that, no one should blame you for making some grammar errors.

And on the "I found it difficult to think of this as a review rather than a thought out commentary", isn't that exactly what reviewing is about? You want to tell people what your opinion on the book is.

There's nothing wrong with your reviews (: It's just stupid that a certain person had to find someone to complain about.

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