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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Honest Review? Or Just Plain Disrespectful?

A couple of months ago, while lurking around goodreads, I stumbled across a one-starred review of this you-might-know-what book. I love this book and I gave it four stars. I know it’s weird, but I like reading negative reviews of the books I love. I want to know what made these people dislike the books I think are fantastic. But, that review I stumbled upon? Dude, it was plain disrespectful and horrible!! The reviewer didn’t even mention why she thinks the book sucked. She just went on ranting and mocking the characters, the author and the book itself. Even now, just thinking about it, makes my blood evaporate. I mean, calling a book 100% craptastic and shit because you didn’t like the characters is one thing, but saying fuck to the author? Dude, that is way below the belt. I am 100% against bashing a book, and bashing the author? That is totally intolerable. It’s a really sad thing how this reviewer likes to bash the books she hates, as well as the authors of these books, and be totally proud of them!

Also, before stumbling across her review of you-might-know-what book, I’ve also read her review of this about-to-become-a-movie book. She did not just bash the book, my dears. She also told the author: “seriously, do not write again!”. What right did she have to tell the author what to do? Can she even write a book that is publish-able? Somebody has to remind her that these authors are as human as she is – only better because they’ve been published! I went back to that review of hers weeks ago, but she removed that already. And do you know what I also found out? This ‘reviewer’ apparently got both books for free by illegally downloading them! And she’s aware of this illegal activity too. But that’s not all. She also posted a step by step tutorial on how to download e-books illegally.

I cannot believe how many ‘likes’ that review got! I commented on that review and told her my opinion of her opinion. But it seemed like I was the only one who hated her review. Other commenters were actually praising and supporting her! And they were also laughing at me! What the hell was funny with what I was doing?? I know I’m not the only one who dislikes this reviewer and it sucked that no one else had the guts to tell her off.

I’m aware that people are entitled to their own opinion, and I know that we have this thing called ‘freedom of speech.’ But does she? Does she really have the right to say that the book is 100% craptastic? To tell the author "you just lost the game" AND to tell other would-be buyers of the book to NOT buy/read the book when she only stole her copy? She already stole one copy and yet, she’s preventing other people from buying the book. How many books exactly have she stolen??

I'm not one to tell people how a book review is done as my reviews aren't particularly professional. I also cannot please everybody, and I'm not even supposed to question people's view of these books, but I really wish that reviewers understand that reviewing books isn’t only about being honest. Sure, we have to be honest when reviewing books or else, it wouldn't have sense. But, can't we be honest while showing some respect?


Theresa said...

Absolutely agree! It saddens me that more people didn't defend the author in the comments. I didn't see the review that you are talking about, but I like to believe that the honest and RESPECTFUL reviewers out there would have backed you up in your comment. I know I would have.

Selena said...

I'm all about freedom of speech. People have the right to say what they want, but sometimes they might want to consider how they phrase it. I think the anger often comes from what's being published these days. A lot of it is just plain bad. There are no other words for it. And after paying (although this person stole her book! Wow! Talk about a lack of ethos in her argument!) up to $10 for a paperback, readers are disappointed that they paid for poor writing, poor editing, or just a poor story. My motto is always respectful but never dishonest when I have to review a bad book.

Unknown said...

I agree with this post. You can review a book, even a bad book while still being respectful. When I have to give a bad review, which I honestly hate doing, it's always in a respectful way cause ya know what...it's only my opinion. I never bash the author cause hey they have made it farther than I have. They have been published, something I only dream of being one day. And what I like someone else might not and what someone else likes I may not. Heck that happens in this house, my hubby and I totally don't agree on books. I don't care for what he reads and he doesn't really care for what I read. It opens some great discussions, but to be blatantly disrespectful to an author is just down right rude. Freedom of speech...yeah we have that, but have a bit of compassion and decency when you do.

Mrs. DeRaps said...

I love a critical review that will help shape my need/ want to spend my hard-earned book bucks. But, a nasty review is not critical or helpful at all. Obviously, this reviewer has some personal issues that are getting in the way of her ability to treat others with respect.

Nikola said...

Respect is necessary when it comes to reviewing ANYTHING. If you are an author, a movie star or a singer, you kind of sign up for being scrutinized and have your work valued against others in your field. But criticizing one's work is not the same as criticizing the person. It's great that you left her a comment and I hate that you didn't leave the link to the review in question. :)

Cataluna6 said...

Not having read the original review, (or anything else of hers), I can only think that it was her way of getting some attention, plus some people just like to knock others down. I'll admit to writing a bad review of a book a time or two, but I try not to insult the author - I may not like a book, but I'm sure there are plenty out there that do like what I don't.

As for the illegal down loading AND then b*tching...*HULK* it's wrong, authors spend a lot of their time creating something and unless they're a mega best selling author, it's often a second job, they work hard and should be rewarded for their toil - not kicked in the teeth by so called fans...and end rant O.o

Nina B. said...

That is terrible! I can't believe that person had the nerve to do that, and even pirating a book! That's just wrong. Obviously, she is such a negative person and only does things that would benefit her - like downloading ebooks illegally or dissing some author just to gain popularity points - and would never consider other people's feelings nor display professionalism with her reviews. Because even if yes, reading and reviewing books is not a job, you still have to be a professional about it and show respect to other readers and authors. If she did not like the book she could have given us reasons why - if she just plain did not like the book and the author, why not just keep it to herself because obviously she won't be able to keep herself from saying really bad things. I would hate to know someone like that.

Anyway, on a side note, I love your new blog design :D

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