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Thursday, March 24, 2011

What are you looking for in a story?

Few days ago I tried a quiz about what kind of book am I and I got 'mystery' as a result. I'm not going to talk about why I got mystery (some of you probably could guess) but in the quiz there's a question 'When you read, what are you looking for?' and my answer was 'an escape'. At that moment I felt like I was hit by a revelation (I want to use 'epiphany' but that would be exaggerating) that I was - and still am - looking for a way to escape from my mundane and probably a bit (who am I kidding? a lot!) depressing life that I have. So I ran and found my safe haven in stories. I could experience near-death without have to risk my life, I could feel the emotional frenzy while lying in my not-so-comfortable bed; the point is I could experience many things without have to risk myself from getting hurt.
But sometimes, once in a while you'll find a book that pierce deep into your soul and awaken something inside you. When I met those kinds of books, I wasn't looking for an escape; I was hungry or perhaps my soul was hungry for information, for explanation, for a way of thinking or to find a reason, or simply for an answer of an unspoken question...

Why you read a book, what are you looking for?


ps: if you are curious, this is the quiz: http://www.blogthings.com/whatkindofbookareyouquiz/



Kelly said...

I love this post. For me, it depends. I read some books (especially YA, but also some adult fiction. like Stephen King) as a means of escape, as many people do. There are certain YA books that I read as a writer, so that I can study them and become a better writer. I read poetry because I'm also a poet, and poetry is just so beautiful--it's more of a spiritual thing for me, in a way. I read non-fiction so I can learn about different things, whether it's technology, art, or forensic science. If there's a subject I'm interested in, I'll check out a few non-fiction titles so I can learn more about it. When I'm in the mood for a more serious fiction read that will make me think, I head straight for the classics/literary fiction. I read a variety of things for a variety of reasons.

La Toya said...

How awesome! That totally makes me think about which type of books I like to read and why! I'm going to take this quiz also :)

Melissa (i swim for oceans) said...

When I read a story, I want to see something outside of the box. I want to see a world outside of my own where I can see, taste and feel everything the character does. If I cannot do this, then a book falls a bit flat for me. Great post :)

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