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Friday, May 27, 2011

Drowning in the Dark by Alisson Karras

Title: Drowning in the Dark

Author: Allison Karras

Publisher: You Come Too Publishing

Rating: 3 stars

Samantha Carver lives with her uncle's family after the death of her father. Although it felt hard for her to adjust, her cousin Terry, always made her feel comfortable. That's why when a girl in her school was killed and Terry was accused to be her murderer, Sam felt her little comfort was torn away, especially because she knew who the murder, or what. Zombie and ghost are new thing for the small seaside town in Oregon but not for Sam, and now she must do something to stop the invasion.

I would give higher rating if only the story was longer and more complex. However it was too short and left me feeling unsettle. Overall the plot was good and the mystery in it was quite interesting. The characters were okay; no one really special except Shane. I think he's the most interesting character in here; when he entered the story, I felt excited. Sam was okay but not special, I've read plenty character similar to her. She develop a little, especially in the way she welcomed her family into her heart, but other than that, nothing much. The action scenes were pretty good albeit a bit rushed especially after Sam gave herself to save Terry.

In short, this is a good story and has many opportunity to develop into better in the future. If you like horror but not a die-hard fan of it and looking for a short reading, this one is for you.



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