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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Theories of Flight by Simon Morden

Title: Theories of Flight (Samuil Petrovitch/Metrozone #2)

Author: Simon Morden

Publisher: Orbit Books

Rating: 3 and a half stars

This is the second book of Metrozone/Samuil Petrovitch series. If you haven't read the first book and don't want to be spoiled, I suggest you read it first. You can check my review on the first book of this series, Equations of Life in HERE.

Sam Petrovitch is back on his second adventure! After saving Metrozone from the AI that invaded Metrozone's system, now he's married to Maddy and dedicate his life to work on his theories and inventing anti-gravity. But just like before, people wont leave him alone. Chain showed up and told him that CIA is after those who were active involved in the bloody Long Night and wanted to get a hold on the AI. Not interesting to give up the AI nor letting CIA do whatever they wanted, Sam must put aside his research and once more do something to save the falling Metrozone.

On the second part of the series, we met new enemies; The Outies, the people who weren't allowed to enter Metrozone due to plenty reasons, and CIA, working on behalf of American government who were afraid of the AI capability in destroying Metrozone, thus want to 'keep it save', the term they use though the truth was they wanted to be able to control it.

The CIA managed to kill several people close to Petrovitch and while he still busy dealing with them, The Outies broke into the city and caused destruction everywhere while Petrovitch and Maddy was separated miles away. Dying to save Maddy and as much as people he could, Petrovitch crossed the city with the help of The New Machine Jihad and his friends. Petrovitch wasn't the guy we met in the first book - albeit still happy in spewing curses in Russian, he has more concern about other people, and despite the fact that he killed so many in order to save Metrozone, he's not happy about it and admit that he committed homicide.

Only one word to describe this book: crazy! Yes, that's right, if you think the first book is crazy enough, wait until you read this book. Blood spilled, gun trotted, bodies were piled up everywhere. The pace was even faster that the first book and I just can't stop reading it. If you like the first book, you'll like this as well and if you haven't read the first book (but somehow still ended up reading this review), and like fast-pace science fiction with a lot of action, you'll buy this book.



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