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Friday, June 10, 2011

Sign Up Post: Midnight Summer Festival

There will be plenty excitement on this July for me and you!

Rie @ Mission to Read, Carmel @ Rabid Reads and yours truly will host an event called Midnight Summer Festival. We'll be celebrating the awesomeness of mythologies in the works of fiction. I'm in love with Celtic, Rie has a thing for Greek, and Carmel had her eyes set on Norse. No matter what's your favorite mythology, we got it covered - hopefully.

During 10 days from July 10th to July 20th, we will talk about our favorite mythologies, authors will talk about their favorite mythologies and of course mythologies in their books. Not only that, there also will be giveaways as well, there's no way we're not spreading the awesomeness of those mythologies fiction!

Is the awesomeness stops right there? No! You'll get the chance to participate as well. During that time you can post about your favorite mythology, your favorite god or goddesses, favorite myth creatures/power, and also your favorite myth-related books!

So what you got to do?

How to join (required):
1) On July 10th, post about your favorite mythology and your favorite mythology-related book.
2) Link your blog.
Tweet this!

Post the grab button on your sidebar.
Giveaway, be sure to include that you are hosting a giveaway in your link!
example: my myth + giveaway



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