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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Winner: Clockwork Angel Giveaway

Before I announce the winner of our last giveaway, first, we'd like to thank everyone who entered our 6-Month Anniversary Giveaways. You rock, people! To all the followers and commenters of blog, YOU ROCKZZZ! You guys are more awesome than the Ayers Rock! If we, three, are only a bunch of billionaires, we'd give you all prizes just for following and commenting on our blog. Or better yet, we'd give you prizes just for saying "Dreanged Book Lovers"! That's how much we love you all. But alas, we are only a bunch of poor Asians... so here goes the winner of Clockwork Angel Giveaway

Isabela L.

Congratulations! I sent you an e-mail approximately 5 minutes before I published this post. ;) You have 48 hours to reply to my e-mail or I will choose another winner. Thanks again to all!


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Update: We're no longer accepting award. It was fun but we have no time to do it, thanks ~ *give cupcakes*


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