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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Midnight Summer Festival: Wrap-up Post

So... this is the end of our Midnight Summer Festival. It was fun although I was busy so I can't be as active as I wanted to be. Thank you for everyone who were participating; all those awesome authors and readers. Thank you.
Thank you to Jules Watson, Christopher and Heather Dunbar, Jenna Black, Leah Cypess and Brenna Yovanoff for sharing your awesome thoughts about Celtic Mythology. I hope everyone will fall in love with this mythology just like it happened to me years ago.
Thank you for my co-host Rie from Mission to Read and Carmel from Rabid Reads for helping me out. You guys are awesome!
Last but not least to all of the readers and followers of this blog, don't forget that the giveaways are still running until July 25 so you still have time! You can follow the links below that will direct you to the forms. Don't forget the extra entries to increase your chance to win! All International contests!



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Update: We're no longer accepting award. It was fun but we have no time to do it, thanks ~ *give cupcakes*


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