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Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Adoration Of Jenna Fox

Title: The Adoration of Jenna Fox
Mary E. Peason
Pages: 266 pages
Publisher: Square Fish

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"I used to be Someone. Someone named Jenna Fox."

Jenna is considered to be the miracle baby, Angel of the family. Being the only daughter.
She is smart and pretty. Everyone would wish to be in her shoes. But deep inside her. She doesn't like her role in the family. She if forced to act like their perfect little daughter. Have to have high grades in class.

Until her accident. She woke up after a year of coma from an horrific accident that accured to her. Jenna wonders what happened.
Having no memories of past, herself, parent, friends, Everything. Though she remembers a bit of her unknown past.
She find it hard to believe her self proclaimed parents. And what they are saying. But it give her the feeling that there is more to their story that they are not telling her. And thats what she wants to know. No one ever told her about the day of accident. And being isolated by her parents made her even more eager to know what really happened that day. Through out the story Jenna is having trouble who to trusts. But as she doesn't have any memories. She doesn't have a choice but to believe and follow them.
Questions slowly forming, about her friends, life, past, about herself. And her body.

What really happened in the accident? what kind of accident? Who Am I really? Why cant i walk straight? Where is the scar in my chin? Why is my mom so scared? Why Am I isolated? I dont know.

Jenna eagerly wants to know her past.

The setting is set in the not so distant future.
Infact when you read this. You will come to different question about our modern technology today.
For example. Some scientist/doctor would do everything to prolong our life. But what? We have to pay for it millions if not billions. So what's use? We live to do pay for that? Having so many artificial made. What will happen to our natural things? Is it right to go agains't what nature wants? If you are given a chance to prolong life using technology will you?

The story focuses on her parents love for Jenna. Even though her condition was hopeless like 30/70 chances. Her parents are forced to make a decision in order to have their almost dead daughter back to them. Wanting to be their perfect daughter for them (even though she doesn't want to). So she is forced to live for their sake.

She only got 10 percent of her brain. At least thats the only part of her brain her father could get. And the rest is gone. She became shorter, flawless skin, in short prettier than before but shorter.

I was actually impressed in the fact here. That her father uploaded something is her brain. Like he just programmed her. She already know lessons to grade 1 to 12. Even though she's in her 10th grade. And i was like..."you can do that to a brain?" though it was explain. But im not going to spoil it for you guys.

The ending isn't something I was expecting. I wasn't satisfied. No. I mean..That's not the Ending I am looking for.



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