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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Veronica Decides To Die~

Title: Veronica Decides to Die
Paolo Coelho
240 pages
Harper Perennial

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One Night Veronica was bored with her life.
All the things she needs and wants are in reach. She's has this awesome boyfriend, Loving parents and a job.

In the first chapter was a bit boring but the interest of finding out the reason of her suicidal attempt lingers me. Veronica indeed has a beautiful life. But the difference is she's not happy at all And She thinks that it was just normal and not interesting life to live in. So she decided to kill herself by drinking all the pills that she have. After several pill she drunk. She waited while reading magazines and writing letters for her parents.

Weeks or days later she woke up and was disappointed to know that her attempted failed. She woke up in the mental hospital(not sure) and found out that lots of tube were buried in her body only to help her live.

When she finally woke up from a long coma she found out that she only have a week to live and wasn't sad at all by hearing the news knowing that she don't have anything to lose if she die and no one will care.. Later in the story while waiting for her death she met a lot of people - Zedka, who has clinical depression; Mari, who suffers from panic attacks; and Eduard, who has schizophrenia, and with whom Veronika falls in love.

By the time goes by Veronica experience a lot of things she hasn't experience in her life or not allowed herself to experience including hatred, love and sexual awakening. And later on she realize how important life is and now eager to live. Though sad that she only have days to live. Veronica wants to have her last day with her love ones but she can't when she in imprisoned in the hospital and for sure no one will allow her to go out.

Anyways If I continue to summarize it for you. I'll be a big spoiler. This is the second book that I love in Coelho.
It just shows how to treasure life and dont take it for granted. I have to admit. Most of Coelho's books doesn't really attracts me as it attracts to lyn. I Just think that all of them are way too mature? is that the right word? no...lets say..its not my cup of tea. But since I rarely find a book that talks about how good life is? How exciting and thrilling it is?

And because of that. This book made some impact to me. Though Indeed. I have to admit. There are some points in our life where we feel bored. And tends to think irrationally. But there are times when we meet someone who will fill that part and make us feel contented right? And that's what Veronica experienced. Though It was too late because she only have one week to live and her heart will stop beating. She made her last 3 days a day like its her last. . . but...was it really?




Vendula said...

I love this book, so much! I've read it just few hours.. awesome!

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