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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Deeper (Tunnels #2) by Brian Williams and Roderick Gordon

Tittle: Deeper (Tunnels #2)

Author: Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams

Publisher: The Chicken House

Rating: 3 and a half stars

Will and Chester raced down the avenue after Cal, not thinking, not caring, where they were going as long as they got away from the onslaught of airborne monsters. They were driven by a single thought, almost a primordial fear: to escape from these screeching, oversized beasts.

This is the second book of Tunnels series. If you haven't read the first book, I suggest you to stop reading this now. I have the review for the first book, Tunnels, in HERE.

Escaped from Colony and the fierce grip of Styx, Will, Chester, and Cal going deeper underground searching for Will's father. But the underworld is much more sinister and cruel that topsoil; plenty beasts and Styx's limiters roaming around. Not only that, Will also discovered Styx plan to destroyed human race above the earth and to rule the world. A dream that seems so impossible but if you're accustomed with dictator maniacs, you know they always want that. So now not only make sure his father still alive, dodging Styx, escape from mortal dangers, Will and his friends have to find a way to save humanity!

I've discovered that in some series, especially trilogy, the second book usually the least interesting among the others. That's not what happened with Deeper; as far as I have read this series is being consistent. Surely it has the similar slow-pace-kinda-boring moments, but it still bearable. There we some surprises; I thought I was used to it by now but there were few times when I leafed the pages while reading casually, absolutely expect nothing and then something happened and my jaw dropped few inches. My thought at that time, "What the hell just happened? I didn't see that coming!!!" and the story manage to capture my interest again.
Not only that but there were some changes in Chester and Will friendship, especially after they met Drake and Elliot - two renegades who wandered at the Deep, hiding from the Styx while occasionally destroying their facilities. We also get to know more about the twins and Will's mother from several chapters which presented from Sarah Jerome's point of view.
Personally I'm not a fan of first person POV, and this book use third person POV which is my favorite POV in stories. For me it was one of the strong point of this book. Other points were  the rich description of the Deep - I can picture it very well in my imagination - and the suspense and surprises in every layer. Sadly, it lacked on character development. I think the authors were focusing more on the plot and story development, which was awesome, but character development is important, especially for series.
If you're looking for awesome main character who seems to be either super cool, super handsome, or super you, this is not the book you want. But if you're looking for epic adventure with rich and vivid description and to get lost in the dark underworld, you'll enjoy this series.

ps: My Tunnels book is UK version but my Deeper book is US version. I will suggest you to buy UK version because not only the cover is glossy, the paper quality is better. This is based on paperback version.



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