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Monday, December 27, 2010

Guest Post Monday(2): Author H.A Goodman

Our latest blog feature: Guest Post Monday. Every Monday we will invite someone from Book-Lovers Community as our guest and answers one or two questions. It could be author, publisher, librarian, or book blogger like all of you!

Deranged Book Lovers proudly present (drum roll please): 
H.A. Goodman!
his debut novel Logic of Demons received favorable and interesting reviews from bloggers and reviewers. I think it's quite safe to say we'll see more of him in the future, eh?
We're curious about author's life so we ask one question to Hal:
How's your life changed when you became an author and/or what were you doing before being an author?

H.A. Goodman: The only thing about my life that's changed is that now, I believe I have the ability to write a story. When I first started writing, it was difficult to think of myself as an author, especially before my first novel. Logic of Demons has been received favorably by reviewers and readers, so the validation has helped boost my confidence. The most important change in me has been confidence. The main obstacle to writing and almost everything else in life, from my view, is the ability to stay positive and believe in yourself. It's easier said than done, but if you can do so, you're chances for success are increased exponentially.

 H.A. Goodman lives in Los Angeles and - sadly - has no twitter or facebook account where we could stalk follow him. No pet to cuddle at night although he owned a German Shepherd when he was a teenager. He owns a small consulting business for all types of companies; but he always has passion from writing and as result, we got the chance to read Logic of Demons! Beside working and writing, he also busy promoting his debut novel to us, blogger and reviewers, and to bigger publisher.
I don't know about publisher but Deranged Book Lovers couldn't resist interesting novel so you'll read my review on Logic of Demons in the next few days!

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