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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Protectors - Elizabeth Loraine

Title: The Protectors
Author: Elizabeth Loraine
Series: Royal Blood Chronicle #2
Publisher: Arraiis, Inc.
Pages: 304 pages (e-copy)
My Rating: 2
Reading it for the sake of finishing it.

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Source: A copy was provided in exchange of Review
In the beginning we were creatures of the night, killing humans and drinking their blood to sustain us. But in the passage of the centuries we have evolved and now walk amongst you both in daylight or night as peaceful, moral beings satisfied to hunt and drink the blood of animals. We live with the support of our Watchers; humans who have been chosen and in return have made sacred vows to protect our species from those that would do us harm. A task that is a privilege for our Watchers is to be able to donate their blood to us. This donated blood is gathered medically and mixed with an elixir devised by the ancients that magically multiplies the volume and allows it to remain fresh indefinitely. We call this elixir Crimson and use it as a supplement to or a replacement for our normal diet

My name is Katrina and I have been chosen as the leader of the Five. The “Five” or “The Protectors” have been foretold in human prophecies throughout time. I, along with my twin sister Katherine (Kate), and my friends Rosalinda (Rosa), Eleanor (El) and Arletta (Letta), have completed the protection ceremony and an oath to protect the races, all the races.

But in order to continue to succeed the Five must become the many. Join us.

This is the second book of Royal Blood Chronicles series. If you haven't read the first book, I strongly suggest to read it first. Here.

Protectors is the second book of Katrina where in the five friends Rosalinda (Rosa), Eleanor (El), Arletta (Letta), Katrina (Kat) plus her twin sister Katherine (Kate) have decided to stop the evil. Together with the help of their other friends: Eric the long lost Prince of Denmark, Damien the son of the former Council President and Gerhard As they have decided to take a journey to America to face the three evil vampires.

The Five are called Protectors destined to protect their race against some evil clans. In this Series the five have discovered who they really are and their purpose. As they are grow aware of their own powers and their abilities which every time improved.

As the seven went to on their Journey to America they have stumbled different enemies and meet new allies that helped them to their long awaited battle.

The one thing I like about this book is the shallowness of the story. It is easy to ride and the plot is easy to understand. The Characters have become more likable and wise not to mention more powerful than before. As in more powerful to the point that It would be impossible for them not defeat their enemies.

I was also expecting more Quinn and Katrina scenes but well... as seeing katrina fall more deeper to Damien I think It's impossible to see them together now as more than friends but just friends.

I still have the same problem though or I think the plot became faster this time and more predictable than I thought. It was easy for me to guess things to happen like I don't need to play detective or genius at all. In the end I can't say I enjoyed the story as it is easy to predict. Not to mention the pace disappoints me as and the lack of information.




Anonymous said...

This series is for young adults but I loved it too!

Unknown said...

I've read this book and enjoyed it too! Great review :)

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