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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tunnels (Tunnels #1) by Brian Williams & Roderick Gordon

Title: Tunnels (Tunnels Series #1)

Author: Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams

Publisher: The Chicken House

Rating: 3 and a half stars

A sudden movement and a small splash made them jump. Then a sleek white object leaped from the ripping water and streaked along one of the metal members, stopping still on the top of a huge gearwheel. It was a large rate with a glistening, snout with its paws and flicked its head, spraying droplets into the air. then it reared up on its hind legs, it whiskers twitching and vibrating in their torchlight as it sniffed the air.
'Look! It doesn't have any eyes," Will hisses excitedly.'

 Will Burrows is a strange boy with digging as a hobby. An interest he shared with his father, an archeologist and museum curator who care more about his dusty artifact than his family. One day his father disappeared and leaves clues that he was gone to the underground, but that must be impossible, isn't? So Will and his friend, Chester, follow his father's footsteps with the hope to find him. Underground they stumbled upon various signs of civilization but what they've finally encountered is beyond their imagination. Present as protagonist is the Styx; a race that rule the underground civilization with such a dictatorship that could make Stalin proud.

I found out about this series around last year (or probably two years ago, kinda forgot). I think it was during my quest in searching for fantasy stories after Harry Potter is finished. I think this series quite interesting and offer a whole different thing compare to most fantasy series these days. The idea truly original and interesting; while most author dwelling with 'underworld' as a metaphor, these authors gave us the real 'underworld' complete with the tunnels, shovels, and sun-less world. Digging tunnels and discover underground civilization with dictator ruler; encounter various weird pre-historical-like creatures, and also how the main character founds out the dark secret about who he really is.
I quite like this book, it's interesting and offer new things. There are parts of this book that I consider a bit boring but there were times when I was surprised with the twists that I didn't expect it would happened. I wouldn't spoiled you what kind of surprises are those, but it's interesting enough to make me wants to read the second book.

ps: Some of you asking the book 'Freefall' from my teaser tuesday, This is the first book of the series. I'm not usually add excerpt in my review, but I guess I should do that from now on because it's more interesting.




Pisinat said...

I have this book on my TBR-pile for ages! I plan to read it early next year, a friend highly recommended it to me. Your review conforts me in this idea... We'll see ^^

Lynossa (Deranged Book Lovers) said...

It's not mind-blowing story, but it's good enough to make you wanting for more, imo ^^

Aleetha said...

we have the translation one. But most of my friend said that it's not really good. So I always postpone to purchase it

See how friends' recommended influence me.

Lynossa (Deranged Book Lovers) said...

The problem with recommendation is you must be sure whether your friend has the same taste as you. For example Mithee and I have different taste; she likes romance and a novel without romance is boring for her. While for me, I prefer romance as side story, so I could still in love with novels even though there were no romance in it.
One other thing, this series is really dark (and I'm not just talking about the venue), so for some people it might be a bit depressing.

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