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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Winner: The Damned Busters Giveaway

Ladies and gentlements herewith I announce you the four lucky winners who will receive a copy of The Damned Busters on the courtesy of Angry Robots! They are:

3. Sarah Bibi Setar or Identity Seeker
4. Eva SB

Congratulations! I've sent you guys emails and you have 24 hours to response and send me your address so I could give it the Angry Robots. They're the one who will send the book to you. Once again congrats! For those who haven't win, I wish I have more books to share but for now you all have my gratitude. Thanks for participating in our event :)

ps: I used to put pictures of the entries but I'm too tired today >.>


EVA SB said...

Yay! Thanks
Congrats to all the other winners

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